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Val Yellow 
I have a passion to write.
I love to tell stories.
I have a need to travel the world and writing about my journeys.
It fascinates me to be able to put my words on paper, to find other people interested in my ideas and what I have to say.
My ambition is to keep my memories alive, for my imagination to flow and for others to read and hear my words.
When I write people respond well and are able to relate to my straightforward style. I write in plain English, partly because I am 

Dyslexic & Dyspraxic
Due to my impairment I wish to acknowledge the support I receive for the editing, proof reading, critiques and advice.
I have written & published several travel articles with photographs. 

I also write short fiction stories, plays & articles. 
And a writer of fictional books for children.
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I have taken a couple of years away from writing and now back & ready to write & publish again 
I intend to rewrite and re-publish
'Watchers' on Amazon (see below) 
Produce photograph books; 
Wedding, travelling & my experience of working abroad 
& write more adventure stories

I self published 'Watchers' on BLURB (see below)
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Target Readership: Children aged 8yrs old and upwards including Adults
‘A young girl Mia has a mystery to resolve, 
a family crisis to solve and a little girl who needs her help.’
The day after thirteen year old Mia discovers an ancient magical book in an antique shop the police arrest her mother. Mia is left frightened and alone, with only a short message from her mother to give her any clues. The note tells her to go on a long journey to a village called Boscastle in Cornwall.
Here she meets her Nana, who she never knew existed, and Jen a young girl, who becomes her friendenemy. She also discovers the eerie Museum of Witchcraft and a labyrinth carved on a rock.
Very soon, Mia is thrown into a frightening adventure where she needs to find answers to many questions. What is the significance of the beautiful necklace her mother gave her? And who are the mysterious Watchers?
With the help of the musty old book and the necklace, Mia shifts back in time to the 17th century where she meets the young girl Tara and her dog Tatty. Mia and Tara discover they have similar birthmarks and that they are from the same, troubled family.
Tara is in great danger; the witch-hunters have snatched her mother and are threatening to burn her at the stake because they believe she has used witchcraft. Mia must help Tara save her mother, but they are being chased by witch hunters on horseback, and have to journey through freezing snow and terrifying tunnels to unravel the clues and mystery surrounding her ancient family...and her troubled family in the present day.
Only Mia can find the answers as she is drawn back into the dark world of the 17th century. But will she be able to get back into her own time?
I hope you enjoy the magic  Val Yellow











      Watchers by Val Yellow
      Make Your Own Book
My husband and I have now completed and produced a photograph/journal of our 3 week trip in March 2012
(Travel Magazine)
Art's PHOTOGRAPH (see below) became photo of the week
and was printed in Wanderlust magazine. 
and I received 'Editors Choice' on my written 'EXPERIENCE' with the same photograph

It all began one cold winters night. Elizabeth (Lizzie) was in her bed reading in another room. I her Nana Val and her Grandpa were sitting watching television, when all of a sudden we noticed a movement outside the patio doors.
I rose from my seat and switched on the outside light and there it was again, feeding from the bowl of food Lizzie and Grandpa had put out earlier that evening. Then it moved over to the water bowl with its back to us. I crept out of my seat switched on the outside light and went to fetch Lizzie.

Lizzie sat for ages watching the hedgehog feeling until it was time for her to finally go back to her bed to sleep, Lizzie said she was hungry but really wanted to stay up to watch and talk about what she had seen that night.

That was the beginning of ‘Hedgie The Hungry Hedgehog’ story.

Over the next few months the story of the ‘Hedgie’ evolved starting with simple telling to fantastical storyline. Lizzie’s ideas had helped her Nana Val developed the tale which has now been made into a small book with drawings and photographs. Most of these where completed by Nana Val. The book was eventually finished and sent off to be published ready for Christmas.

At the same time Lizzie’s grandpa decided to make her a toy hedgehog box and we brought some soft hedgehog toys for her to be able play out the story. These objects were then brought in to make up the story.

Lizzie only read the completed story, which was made for her into a book ready for her 2010 Christmas present.

Over the Christmas period Lizzie asked me to play with her and read the book over and over again.
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This is about a child who writes a blog about her education, class mates and boyfriends and her love of her supportive Nana.


Kelly, a child on the verge of adolescence, finds her family life annoying. With her physical changes confusing her, close true friendships seem out of reach. Of course, going to school is a daily trauma. The story follows Kelly as she has many adventures while struggling to find that one true friend.
Also working on a...
I am working on a one act play based in a residential home:
The play starts with an intriguing look at the inner thoughts of a young Disabled woman called Sarah. She is the main narrator who tells us her thoughts, desires and expectations. She is unable to vocalise her needs apart from the odd word or sentence. The play is set in a residential home. The turnover of staff in the small home is fast (4 residents and 8 workers) as they are poorly paid and only trained to do the legal minimum required. This is clearly shown in Sarah’s attitude to the staff and in theirs to her. June and Tracy are paid to work with her every day. Rose is a visitor and used to have Sarah to stay regularly when she was younger to give her family a break. Nowadays Rose visits and takes Sarah home to stay for a few days without being paid. At the start of the play we learn that Sarah has just returned from a weekend staying with Rose.
This play shows a key stage in Sarah’s life. Sarah could end up staying in the residential home she hates, or she could get a more liberating support called ‘Direct Payments’. Then Sarah could leave the home and live more independently. Direct Payments means money instead of services from Social Services, this results in enabling people to having more control in their lives to employ staff or to use an agency of their choice. In the play we hear Rose trying to find out more about Direct Payments. We also hear Sarah’s thoughts where she lets the audience know what she really wants for her future. The dramatic moment of the play is Sarah trying to get Rose to understand her. At the same time June is trying to remove Sarah away from a vital discussion taking place between Rose and Tracy, her key worker. The play ends with Sarah making Rose understand she wants her involved in her future, to be part of a Trust, working with Sarah and her future. Sarah has taken the first is one step in moving away from the boring residential home to living more the way she would choose.

I am mainly concentrating on writing my 
Children's books 
(see above)
Working closely on this book with writers groups.

I give talks locally on Travel, Photography and Writing.
I am still writing short stories for very young children and competitions and travel articles for magazines.

Commissioned by Tashi Delek Bhutan's In Flight Magazine
I give talks locally on Travel, Photography and Writing.
I also wrote 

short stories for competitions and 
travel articles for magazines.


'Tashi Delek' In-flight magazine Royal Bhutan Airlines + Photographs. 

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 'Competition Win'

Writers Forum' Magazine 'Exploring Bhutan' +Photographs-Travel Writers Competition
Exodus Re Published in e-newsletter 'Exploring Bhutan' See LINKS

My Weekly Women's Magazine. 'India Revisited' +Photographs
Short Fictional Story:'Words' Magazine' National Union short story Competition: Final Shortlist 'Transparency'

‘My Weekly’ Women's Magazine. 

'Walking The West Highland Way' +Photographs
Servas`International & National Magazines called 

'Seeing Through Local Eyes?'
Letters Published:
'Word Perfect' in 'New Writer' & 'Writers News' magazines

Servas`Britain' 'Experience The Real Peru'
YHALocal Newsletters 'YHA Rohan Fond Memories' & 

'A YHA Walk’
Letters Published:
‘Wanderlust’ Magazine, ‘Writers News’ & ‘The New Writer’

Before 2004
BIMHMagazine 'Training & Research With Disabled People'
ServasMagazine “Experiences In China”
‘Link WEANewsletter “Tutors Of Disabled People”
‘BIS’ Magazine “Experiences As A Survivor”